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Home Builders Association of the Central Coast

Welcome to HBACC

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Welcome to the HBACC

Home Builders Association of the Central Coast is a non-profit California 501(c)(6) trade association representing Home Builders and all related industry professionals in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. We educate, advocate, and effect change while giving back to the public through a variety of programs and offerings. We address the need for workforce housing and promote housing for all. 

HBACC serves you within the building industry by working closely with the California Building Industry Association (CBIA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) to provide comprehensive programs, including powerful legislative advocacy, effective business networking, money saving benefits, proven educational programs, up-to-date industry awareness, and valuable publications and resources.


Our Services

Advocacy and Government Affairs

Our main focus in on Market Rate or Workforce housing for first responders, teachers, professors, organization executives, and building industry workers. To achieve that, we: Help ensure fees are responsible not excessive for infrastructure needed to build build housing, encourage Reasonable Regulations to protect without exponentially increasing the cost of housing, and promote streamlined planning and building processes and interpretations to expedite approvals.

We provide the connection between builders and subcontractors and industry professionals. We hold events, bring everyone together, and make introductions. We promote members doing business with members.

The Home Builders Association of the Central Coast offers its members a wealth of opportunities. These include educational seminars, access to up-to-date industry news, valuable networking events, and connections with builders. As a volunteer-driven organization, we encourage members to get involved by joining committees like Government Affairs, Membership, Events, and Finance. These committees collaborate closely with our Board and Executive Director, influencing policy, membership growth, event planning, and strategic goals.


Year Established


Member Companies

Committees and Councils

Committees and Councils

The foundation of our organization is built upon the work of HBACC volunteers like you. The best way to learn more about us is to get involved, serve on a Committee, volunteer at an event, and eventually serve on our Board of Directors. Our current Committees include Government Affairs, Membership, Events, and Finance. Committees recommend policy on regulatory and legislative issues, recruit and retain members, plan programs and events, and achieve work set forth in our Strategic plan. Our Committees and Board work closely with our Executive Director to help as needed. We have a Builder Council and coming soon, a Professional Women in Building Council.


HBACC Committees:

Events Committee

  • Co-Chairs - Gina Perrault and Marina Endert

  • Chelsea King

  • Hannah Kraft

  • Liz Moody

  • Sydney Sima

  • Wraijean Crane

  • Ex Officio - Lindy Hatcher

Executive Committee

  • President - Max Zappas

  • Vice President - Tayler Simpson

  • Secretary - Brad Brechwald

  • Treasurer - Michael Poyntz 

  • Immediate Past President - Jacob Grossman

Finance Committee

  • Chair - Michael Poyntz 

  • Brad Brechwald 

  • Tayler Simpson

  • Max Zappas

  • Ex Officio - Lindy Hatcher

Government Affairs Committee - SLO and SB

San Luis Obispo County:

  • Chair - Pat Arnold

  • Brad Brechwald

  • Amy Freilich

  • David Gray

  • Jacob Grossman

  • Jeanne Helphenstine

  • Jim Moresco

  • Matthew Para

  • Tayler Simpson

  • Laurie Tamura

  • Tim Walters

  • Max Zappas

  • ​Ex Officio - Lindy Hatcher


Santa Barbara County: 

  • Chair - Michael Stoltey

  • Anthony Tomasello

  • Ben Humphrey

  • Brian Gelt

  • Craig Minus

  • Glenn Morris

  • Dustin Hoiseth

  • Jim Youngson

  • Jocelyn Brennan

  • Jon Standring

  • Kristen Miller

  • Laurie Tamura

  • Pat ARnold

  • Rudi Lockhart

  • Suzanne Singh

  • Max Zappas

  • Ex Officio - Lindy Hatcher, ex officio

Membership Committee

  • Co-chairs Chadler Merigian and Brett Werner

  • Chuck Larson  

  • Erik Geil

  • Juan Pablo Cal Y Mayor

  • Laureen Stancliff

  • Scott Merson

  • Tracy B Ritchey

  • Wes Willhoit

  • Ex Officio - Lindy Hatcher


  • Chair -  Travis Fuentez

  • Pat Arnold​

  • Pat Henneberry

  • Preston Holdner

  • Jim Moresco

  • Michael Stoltey

  • Tim Walters

  • Max Zappas

  • Jeanne Helphenstine - Emeritus Honorary Member

  • Ex Officio - Lindy Hatcher

HBACC Councils:

Builder Council

  • Chair - Max Zappas

  • Aaryn Abbott

  • Pat Arnold​

  • Pat Henneberry

  • Preston Holdner

  • Jim Moresco

  • Justin Allison

  • Max Zappas

  • Ex Officio - Lindy Hatcher

Professional Women in Building Council

  • ​Co-Chair - Lindy Hatcher

  • Co-Chair - Sydney Sima

  • Angeline Witt

  • Audrey McGowan

  • Brenna Humphreys

  • Chandler Merigian

  • Chelsea King

  • Christina Hamill

  • Deborah Correa

  • Dick Willhoit

  • Donna Pierce

  • Emily Baranek

  • Gina Perrault

  • Hannah Kraft

  • Janely Montano

  • Jessica Meadows

  • Jocelyn Brennan

  • Laurie Tamura

  • Lisa Pica

  • Liz Moody

  • Liz Summers

  • Marina Garcia-Endert

  • Mary Ishikawa

  • Nichole Harris

  • Stacy Kolegraff

  • Tessy Gamboa

  • Wes Willhoit

  • Wraijean Crane

HBACC Sponsored Student Chapters

  • Cal Poly University

  • Paso Robles High School

Our team

Meet Our Team

Lindy's photo 7-2019 cropped.jpg

Executive Director

Lindy Hatcher


Contact us

PO Box 748 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406


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